Review: WarioWare: Move It is great fun… when it works

Wario’s latest will have players going ‘waaah’ with its motion controls

Chief director
Goro Abe
Key Credits
Waki Shigeta (Director), Hiroki Kawamae (Art director)
3 / 5
Review: WarioWare: Move It is great fun… when it works

WarioWare games require precise controls to ensure their microgames can be navigated without frustration. Move It's motion controls introduce inaccuracies that are frequent enough to dampen the experience, turning what should be a brilliant game into merely a good one.

  • That brilliant absurdist WarioWare humour is still there
  • A wealth of unlockables, as ever
  • When it works, its fast-paced gameplay remains fun
  • Controls are too temperamental for a game like this
  • No accessibility options for those unable to perform the motions
3 / 5
Version tested
Nintendo Switch
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