Tekken 8 is a sensational sequel

Bandai Namco recaptures the excitement of the classic era with deep combat and meaty single-player modes

Key Credits
Kouhei Ikeda (Game director), Michael Murray (Producer)
5 / 5
Tekken 8 is a sensational sequel

Tekken 8 is a sensational sequel. With a renewed emphasis on single-player modes and a new Heat mechanic which ensures fights are more frenetic, it's up there with Tekken 3 as one of the most exciting high points in the series.

  • Multiplayer is accompanied by a host of single-player content
  • Heat mechanic makes fights more offensive-minded
  • Visually incredible
  • Story mode and Character Episodes can be authentically ridiculous at times
  • The new optional Simple Style is welcoming to newcomers
  • Story is a little on the short side
5 / 5
Version tested
PlayStation 5
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