Review: Stray is a PlayStation Plus essential

Annapurna’s latest has us feeling like the cat that got the cream

Creators and directors
'Koola and Viv'
Key Credits
Swann Martin-Raget (Producer), Yann van der Cruyssen (Composer)
5 / 5
Review: Stray is a PlayStation Plus essential

Stray is a masterclass in environmental design, with one of the most engrossingly detailed game worlds we've explored. Like its protagonist it's a little on the short side, but what's here will stay with you for a long time. Essential.

  • Gorgeous world design that begs to be explored
  • Simplified jumping controls make navigation a breeze
  • You will care deeply for its robot population
  • The soundtrack is a thing of true beauty
  • It's sadly over all too soon
5 / 5
Version tested
PlayStation 5
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