Review: Spider-Man on PC is a Steam Deck marvel

Insomniac’s former PlayStation exclusive has never looked better, even on the go

Key Credits
Jon Paquette (Writer), Ben Arfmann (Writer)
4 / 5
Review: Spider-Man on PC is a Steam Deck marvel

This is an excellent PC port with Steam Deck support that elevates to it to a must-own for anyone with Valve’s portable. While Sony may never make a PlayStation Vita 2, if its support of the Steam Deck continues as more and more PlayStation exclusives migrate to PC, it’ll soon feel like the next-generation Sony handheld many of us have always wanted.

  • A Steam Deck essential
  • Visually stunning
  • Ultra-wide support makes it more immersive than ever
  • Some missions haven't aged well
4 / 5
Version tested
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