Review: Sonic Superstars is the Sonic 4 fans deserve

Those of the 16-bit era finally have the sequel they’ve been waiting for

Key Credits
Yasuyuki Tsuzuki (Producer), Takashi Iizuka (Series producer)
4 / 5
Review: Sonic Superstars is the Sonic 4 fans deserve

Sonic Superstars absolutely nails the classic 16-bit Sonic gameplay. Its power-ups are hit-or-miss and its extra modes and co-op will divide opinion, but fans of the Mega Drive / Genesis days will adore the way this mixes that old feel with a new look.

  • A superb rendition of 16-bit Sonic physics
  • A fantastic soundtrack
  • Plenty of replay value and fun secrets
  • Each character is different enough to merit inclusion
  • It's short, like all classic 2D Sonic games
  • Battle mode is hit-or-miss
  • Co-op's frequent respawns can kill momentum
4 / 5
Version tested
PlayStation 5
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