Review: Somerville is a brief but beautiful sci-fi survival story

A handful of awkward puzzles isn’t enough to detract from this four-hour wonder

Writer / Director
Chris Olsen
Key Credits
Dino Patti (Executive producer), Georgi Simeonov (Art director)
4 / 5
Review: Somerville is a brief but beautiful sci-fi survival story
Thunderful acquired Jumpship, the studio behind the critically acclaimed Somerville, in November 2022.

Somerville is a wonderful sci-fi journey whose occasionally frustating puzzles don't ruin what's otherwise a strikingly atmospheric adventure. Its four-hour runtime makes it perfect for a single, memorable evening.

  • Wonderfully minimalist art style is still capable of cinematic scale
  • Exceptional sound design, from its sporadic beautiful music to its atmospheric ambience
  • Comes up with a lot of clever ideas with just a handful of abilities
  • Has a selection of clever puzzles, even if a couple feel a little clunky
  • Some scenes that should be emotional high points miss the mark
4 / 5
Version tested
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