Launch Review: The Division 2 is a loot shooter with little to say

Ubisoft’s expansive shooter offers slick thrills, but has little to say

Creative Director
Julian Gerighty
Key Credits
Chadi El Zibaoui (Associate Creative Director), Benedikt Podlesnigg (Art Director)
3 / 5
Launch Review: The Division 2 is a loot shooter with little to say

Disclaimer: This is a launch review of a large service game that is likely to receive significant post-launch content. As such the game experience is likely to evolve as the game’s developer adds and changes its systems over the following months and years. This review is accurate as of the launch window.

For all the deafening noise and fury of its street battles and set-pieces, The Division 2 is, at heart, a game of co-operative tidying up with incrementally better guns.

  • Undeniably moreish, with plenty to keep nibbling at
  • A solid mix of set-pieces and dynamic sandbox asides
  • Open world is rich, detailed and gorgeously lit
  • A dreadful story with nothing to say
  • Repetitive and exacting when playing alone
3 / 5
Version tested
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