Launch Review: Anthem is a game with an identity crisis

BioWare’s slick mech mechanics can’t combat its lukewarm core

Game Director
Jon Warner
Key Credits
Mark Darrah (Executive Producer), Derek Watts (Art Director), Sarah Schachner (Composer)
2 / 5
Launch Review: Anthem is a game with an identity crisis

Disclaimer: This is a launch review of a large service game that is likely to receive significant post-launch content. As such the game experience is likely to evolve as the game’s developer adds and changes its systems over the following months and years. This review is accurate as of the launch window.

There's an intriguing game buried somewhere in Anthem, lying broken beneath its loot and structural frustrations like chunks of fossilised dinosaur bone.

  • Slick, gratifying mech-based exploration and combat
  • A beautiful world with some engaging personalities
  • Saturated with lukewarm fantasy cliches
  • Can't decide whether it's a story RPG or an online looter-shooter
  • Full of rough edges and sorely lacking in engaging missions
2 / 5
Version tested
PlayStation 4
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