Outriders review: A slick but unnecessary looting sim

People Can Fly’s always-online shooter can be fun in short bursts, but it’s simply not worth the journey

Game director
Bartosz Kmita
Key Credits
Joshua Rubin (Lead writer), Inon Zur (Composer)
2 / 5
Outriders review: A slick but unnecessary looting sim

Outriders is its own greatest victim. There are some decent ideas in here – an absorbing cauldron of combat variables, some majestic geography, even a few guns worth holding onto – but they're dragged down and suffocated by a game that doesn't want to entertain you but hypnotise you with the prospect of another trinket.

  • Some beautiful environments
  • Slick and elaborate, if familiar third-person shooting
  • Loot grind bleaches away the combat's thrill
  • Dull, lifeless story and writing
2 / 5
Version tested
PlayStation 5
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