Review: Switch Sports is transformed by its online modes

The Wii Sports successor really comes into its own when you’re playing against others

Game director
Yoshikazu Yamashita
Key Credits
Junji Morii (Art director), Shinji Okane (Program director)
4 / 5
Review: Switch Sports is transformed by its online modes

Nintendo Switch Sports really is a game of two halves. Offline the game is sorely lacking in features but may still be enough for 'casual' families looking for some simple fun. Solo players, however, will want to head online, which is where the game's progression system (and its real longevity) can be found.

  • Football is an absolute winner
  • Online nails that elusive 'one more go' feeling
  • Offline play with friends is still a good laugh
  • Lack of options and offline progression makes local play shallow
  • Volleyball is a bore
4 / 5
Version tested
Nintendo Switch
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