Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the year’s biggest surprise

Part Firaxis strategy game, part Persona 5, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a modern strategy classic

Creative director
Jake Solomon
Key Credits
Chad Rocco (Narrative director), Garth DeAngelis (Executive producer)
5 / 5
Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the year’s biggest surprise

Marvel’s Midnight Suns combines addictive, deep strategy gameplay with a cast of characters that make the moments outside of the action just as rich and enjoyable as those in it. A lengthy campaign packed with missions to go on and relationships to form with Earth's Mightiest Heroes make Marvel's Midnights Suns a modern strategy classic and one of 2022's biggest surprises.

  • Brilliant writing
  • Stellar cast of characters
  • Huge variation in play-styles
  • Long campaign rich with content
  • Some occasional mission structure issues
5 / 5
Version tested
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