Review: Iron Man VR is a Stark improvement on Quest 2

In a hardware sense, the Quest 2 is certainly the best way to play Iron Man VR

Game Director
Ryan Payton
Key Credits
Brendan Murphy (Writer), Kazuma Jinnouchi (Composer)
3 / 5
Review: Iron Man VR is a Stark improvement on Quest 2

Iron Man VR feels far more at home on the Quest 2 because the nature of its action is best suited to untethered play. There are still some issues with the game itself, however, that mean that even though we recommend it, we don't do so wholeheartedly.

  • Wireless VR is a much better fit for a game like this
  • Still visually impressive despite a slight downgrade
  • Handles potential motion sickness surprisingly well
  • Controls are too convoluted and unintuitive
  • Gameplay can be repetitive with repeating environments and enemy types
3 / 5
Version tested
Meta Quest 2
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