Hitman 3 review: A great farewell to a stealth legend

Agent 47 aims for a happy ending – and several skulls – in his best missions yet

Game director
Mattias Engstrom
Key Credits
Alexander Andersen (Art director)
4 / 5
Hitman 3 review: A great farewell to a stealth legend

IO continues its tug of war between Hitman: The Story and Hitman: The Assassin Simulation. For the most of Hitman 3 the latter wins out and delivers classic hit after classic hit. Wobbly conclusion aside, it’s a must for existing fans and a great introduction to gaming’s boldest, baldest stealth series.

  • Incredible art design instantly teleports you all over the globe
  • Some of the funniest assassination opportunities yet
  • Fewer objectives to distract you from sandbox fun
  • Loads of challenges and leaderboards to keep you playing
  • The final level is a bust compared to what came before
4 / 5
Version tested
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