Review: Ghost Recon Breakpoint has an identity crisis

At launch Ubisoft’s shooter has no sense of what it’s supposed to be

Creative Director
Eric Couzian
Key Credits
Sebastien Le Prestre (Associate lead), Nouredine Abboud (Executive producer)
2 / 5
Review: Ghost Recon Breakpoint has an identity crisis

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is a strange, but occasionally exciting mishmash of design decisions that don't always work well together.

  • Tight gunplay and combat
  • Great performances from voice cast
  • Nothing groundbreaking or standout to move the series forward
  • The game isn’t quite sure if it’s a solo FPS or a tactical shooter
  • An odd melting pot of several genre mechanics cobbled into one
2 / 5
Version tested
PlayStation 4
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