Review: Gears 5 masterfully reinvents the series

Xbox sequel respects its past as it looks to the future

Game Director (Campaign)
Matt Searcy
Key Credits
Ryan Cleven (Multiplayer Director), Bonnie Jean Mah (Narrative Lead)
5 / 5
Review: Gears 5 masterfully reinvents the series

Though a tad slow to get going, Gears 5 has reinvented itself in ways many of us didn't dare dream was possible, blending what we loved about the franchise with a fresh story, personable protagonists, and some of the best visuals and shooting mechanics we've seen.

  • Excellent score and SFX
  • Great script and VO work
  • Extraordinary, and meaty, gunplay
  • A couple of onerous boss fights
5 / 5
Version tested
Xbox One
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