Review: Deathloop is one of the smartest games of the year

Arkane’s latest is an endless cycle of hedonistic action that you’ll be playing again, and again, and again

Game director
Dinga Bakaba
Key Credits
Sébastien Mitton (Art director), Tom Salta (Composer)
5 / 5
Review: Deathloop is one of the smartest games of the year

Deathloop is slick and inventive, with a delicious sense of style and humour. It distils Arkane’s hefty systems into something more explicitly playful, then leaves its sparkling cast to run riot in its huge interlocking puzzle of an island. One of the smartest and most outright entertaining games of the year.

  • Complex levels full of hidden layers to uncover
  • Brilliantly written characters
  • Great weapons and powers to play around with
  • Unfussy stealth
  • Imaginative visual design and soundtrack
5 / 5
Version tested
PlayStation 5
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