Review: Death Stranding is an unwieldy, obnoxious epic

Hideo Kojima’s first game after Metal Gear keeps tripping itself up

Game director
Hideo Kojima
Key Credits
Yoji Shinkawa (Lead artist), Ludvig Forssell (Composer)
3 / 5
Review: Death Stranding is an unwieldy, obnoxious epic
DEATH STRANDING™_20191024143853

A bloated, showy post-apocalyptic melodrama that makes a meal of some engrossing mechanics and themes.

  • A refreshingly grounded, combat-lite take on the open world
  • Works up to a point as an exploration of isolation and ecological crisis
  • Often tedious, especially as regards enemies and bossfights
  • Appallingly lumpy, self-indulgent storytelling
3 / 5
Version tested
PlayStation 4
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