Dead Space (2023) remains a thrilling journey through madness

EA’s remake is visually impressive, but Isaac’s voice is the big change

Creative director
Roman Campos-Oriola
Key Credits
Philippe Ducharme (Senior director), Mike Yazijian (Art director)
4 / 5
Dead Space (2023) remains a thrilling journey through madness

Dead Space is a visually stunning remake that is both faithful to the original, and modernises what it needs to. The remake naturally looks significantly better than the original, but it's the addition of voice acting for Isaac and the more natural dialogue this produces which is the most effective update here. The game isn't without its lulls but the overall experience is just as thrilling as it was 15 years ago.

  • Still strong 15 years later
  • Visually incredible
  • Tweaks to Zero-G, puzzles and narrative are welcome
  • New Game+ mode adds some much-needed replay value
  • Does have moments where the action feels repetitive
4 / 5
Version tested
Xbox Series X | S
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