C-Smash VRS is a PSVR2 ace

RapidEyeMovers’ Dreamcast revival feels massively stylish, and utterly engrossing

Jörg Tittel
Key Credits
Ken Ishii (Music)
4 / 5
C-Smash VRS is a PSVR2 ace

C-Smash VR is engaging, exhausting and exhilarating. A VR staple that we'll be showing friends for years, it nails the aesthetics, gameplay, and most importantly, the vibe of everything that's great about VR. 

  • Perfetly tuned gameplay
  • Visually captivating
  • Great use of haptics
  • A surprisingly intense workout
  • Single player content isn't plentiful
4 / 5
Version tested
PlayStation 5
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