xCloud game streaming begins in October

Players can stream from Microsoft’s data centres or use their own Xbox One as a server

A preview version of Microsoft‘s Project xCloud game streaming service will launch in October, according to Xbox head Phil Spencer.

Players will also be able to choose between streaming from Microsoft’s data centres, or using their own Xbox One console as a personal server.

At the Xbox E3 conference, Spencer stated: “There’s a new platform feature: console streaming.

“It turns your Xbox One into your own personal and free xCloud server. Whether you’re using a console at our data centre or your console at home, this October you’ll be able to use our hybrid gaming cloud to play your games wherever you go.

“Where you play is now entirely your choice: you decide.”

Spencer also revealed that E3 attendees will be the first to test the service publicly before it rolls out later in the year.

“Two months ago we connected all Xbox developers to Project xCloud,” he stated. “Today we invite those of you here at E3 for our first public hands-on of Project xCloud to experience the freedom to play right here at the show.”

xCloud was initially revealed at E3 2018.  In May 2019 Phil Spencer stated that the technology had reached a stage that Microsoft employees could test it at home in a real world environment.

Microsoft and Sony also recently announced a strategic partnership in which Sony will use Microsoft’s server tech for its gaming and content streaming services.