Transistor goes free on Epic Games store

Will be followed by World of Goo on May 2

Supergiant Games‘ Transistor is currently free to download from the Epic Games store until May 2.

Developed by Bastion, Pyre and Hades studio Supergiant, the sci-fi action RPG normally costs £15.99 on the store.

The title was well received by critics when it released in 2014 — the PC version has an 83 score on review aggregation site Metacritic.

The deal is the latest in the Epic Games store’s bi-monthly free game offer. Following Transitor, award-winning puzzle game World of Goo will be free to download until May 16, Epic said.

To coincide with World of Goo’s arrival on Epic’s store over ten years after its initial release, designer Kyle Gabler told PC Gamer that the title has received a significant update to enhance its visuals, among other features.

Epic announced at GDC in March that Ubisoft back catalogue titles will join its free game programme at a later date.

It also said the Epic Games store’s user base had grown to over 85 million PC players since launching as a rival to Steam in December 2018.

The Epic Games store offers developers an 88 per cent share of the revenue their games bring in, compared to the 70/30 per cent revenue split offered by Valve.

The more attractive revenue split has helped Epic secure some major PC exclusives, including February 2019 release Metro: Exodus and the recently announced Borderlands 3, which won’t arrive on other PC storefronts until six months after its initial release.