Thatgamecompany’s Sky: Children of the Light dated

“Encounter and socialise” with other players from July 11

Thatgamecompany has confirmed its next game, Sky: Children of the Light, will release on July 11, 2019.

The first game from the studio since 2012’s Journey, Sky: Children of the Light is initially scheduled to release on iOS devices, but the developer has confirmed it will come to Android, Apple TV, Mac, PC, and consoles at a later date.

The premise of the new game is to spread “hope through the desolate kingdom to return fallen Stars to their constellations”. It will feature seven “dreamlike realms” to explore in which, like Journey, you will be able to encounter and socialise with other players from around the world.

There are also customisable characters, “unique musical experiences”, with further expansions and seasonal events planned.

“One of our goals in Sky is to create a shared emotional journey of highs and lows that a group of companions can experience together,” said narrative designer and concept artist, Tom Zhao.

“At this point in the game, the players have enjoyed making companions so we wanted a place where the players could become separated and experience loneliness.

“The dense rainy forest helps evoke a sense of mystery and melancholy in contrast to the bright open skies,” Zhao added. “I chose a color palette that is predominantly cool and desaturated with the only warmth coming from the light of other players or sanctuaries that provide hope and shelter.

“By creating a desire to seek warmth and light, we hope to make the moments when you find refuge from the rain together even more meaningful.”

Sky: Children of the Light is available to pre-order now.

Sky’s predecessor, the celebrated indie adventure game Journey, is out now on PC through the Epic Games store.

Journey won multiple game of the year awards and both the PS3 and PS4 versions have a score of 92 on review aggregation site Metacritic, based on 78 and 45 reviews respectively.