Sea of Thieves video showcases new multiplayer mode The Arena

Available on April 30 as part of the game’s Anniversary Update

Rare has released a new Sea of Thieves video showing off its upcoming competitive game mode The Arena.

Launching on April 30 as part of the Xbox One and PC title’s free Anniversary Update, it sees five crews go head-to-head in fast-paced battles to amass the most loot.

At the start of each contest, each crew receives a set of maps featuring the location of buried treasure, which they must race to retrieve.

In addition to battling on land, players will need to take extra care of their ships, which can now receive damage to their wheel, capstan and mast.

Between matches, players can spend downtime mingling in the Sea Dogs tavern, exploring, drinking and chatting with other challengers while seeking a contest.

The Anniversary update will also kick off a series of Tall Tales, a collection of narrative adventures that can be played solo or with a crew.

Beginning with Shores of Gold, they’ll introduce new characters, locations and gameplay features.

Additionally, a new trading company called The Hunter’s Call will provide fresh means to progress towards Pirate Legend, plus gold and cosmetic rewards, in return for players mastering new fishing and cooking capabilities.