PC modder creates fully functioning water cooled PlayStation 5

Custom hardware designer says he will make water cooled consoles commercially available

A Vietnamese hardware modder has built a custom water cooled PlayStation 5 console and suggested he’ll soon make them available to buy.


Custom PC creator Nhenhophach built the console over two months, first by deconstructing a PlayStation 5 console and then creating entirely custom plates and parts, in order to reassemble it with a new water cooling system.

Water cooling is a method of heat removal using water, which is often more efficient and less noisy than traditional air cooling systems which use large fans. As demonstrated by the standard PS5’s large size, modern air cooling also takes up a lot of room.

“This is just the very first version of water cooled PS5, there will be so many more versions,” Nhenhophach said in a video published on his YouTube channel.

“We are continuing [to] prepare for [a] commercial version and also ready to integrate the water cooled PS5 into one of our next PC build, don’t miss it.”


As seen in the video and imagery on this page, the water cooled PS5 would be much smaller than the original console, if not for its tall plastic casing. PS5 has a large 120mm cooling fan, which Sony’s thermal design boss Yasuhiro Otori has said is part of the reason for the console’s size.

The engineer told 4Gamer last year that PS5 could have been smaller in size if Sony had opted to install two smaller cooling fans instead – one for each side of the machine. However, controlling multiple fans would be more difficult than the current design and would also have increased the manufacturing cost of the hardware.

Modder Nhenhophach has run a thermal performance test on the water cooled PS5, and posted the results within the video on this page.


“There’s no way to measure precisely the temperature of the APU core of PS5 and memory chips, testing was done in a manner that take lots of time playing,” he explained. “[But] based on water temperature & backplate temperature, we can gauge the performance of this system in some way.”

It’s not clear how the modder intends to make the custom hardware available to purchase, though he’s encouraged interested commenters to contact him via direct message or email.

PS5 customisation has become fairly popular since the console’s launch last year, with many peripheral firms offering products to alter the appearance of Sony’s next-gen system.


Companies including CMP Shells, Dbrand and Game Armor are offering custom coloured faceplates for the PS5, with the existing white shells easily snapping off and allowing for simple customisation.

Last month the first black PS5 DualSense controllers went on sale via CMP Shells. CMP’s matte black DualSense controller with a retro logo is priced at $115, while its matte black DualSense controller with a classic PlayStation button set and retro logo is priced at $125.

Currently, Sony has not committed to releasing different colour PS5 consoles or customisation options, although it has said it intends to release DualSense colours other than the default white and black in the future.