Original Switch in line for updated CPU and storage

Nintendo seeking regulatory permission to make changes

Having this week announced plans to release a handheld-only Switch console, Nintendo is also looking to upgrade the launch model.

A filing lodged with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this month shows the company is seeking regulatory permission to make a few changes to the flagship version of the console, which released in March 2017.

Specifically, Nintendo looks set to give the existing Switch model an upgrade with a new processor and flash storage chips.

It can only be speculated how the changes will impact performance, although quietly swapping out components in this manner – often a cost-cutting exercise as smaller and cheaper chips become available – is standard industry practice. Several versions of the standard PlayStation 4 exist, for example.

“We have nothing to announce on this topic,” a Nintendo spokesperson told The Verge, which originally spotted the FCC filing.

The site suggests the updated components may be the same as those featured in Switch Lite, which will launch on September 20 priced at $200 — $100 cheaper than the existing Switch model.

A limited edition Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Switch Lite console will also be released on November 8, one week before the highly anticipated games launch.

Nintendo shares reached a nine-month high following Switch Lite’s announcement on Wednesday.