Nintendo Switch ‘surpasses PS4 sales in Japan’

Despite launching three years after its rival

Nintendo Switch sales have overtaken those of PS4 in Japan, according to estimates from Famitsu.

During the two-week period ending May 12, figures republished on ResetEra show Switch sold 83,471 units, taking its lifetime Japanese total to 8,125,637 units.

That figure surpasses the combined PS4 and PS4 Pro sales total of 8,077,756 units in Japan.

While Sony’s home console launched in Japan in February 2014, Switch didn’t arrive until March 2017.

It’s something of a different story worldwide, however, with lifetime PS4 sales standing at 94.2 million units at the end of March 2019, compared to 34.74 million lifetime Switch sales.

Weekly (and lifetime) Japanese hardware sales for the two weeks ended March 12 follow:

Switch – 83,471 (8,125,637)
PS4 – 17,646 (6,918,073)
PS4 Pro – 12,357 (1,159,683)
Xbox One X – 196 (15,177)
Xbox One S – 186 (90,202)
New 2DS L – 8,840 (1,619,429)
New 3DS LL – 1,511 (5,877,659)
Vita – 1,088 (5,859,668)

Switch’s sales dominance was also reflected in the software chart for the two-week period, with nine of the top ten games being for Nintendo’s system.

PS4 exclusive Days Gone did claim the top spot though, and it was by far the biggest individual selling title during the fortnightly tracking period.