Nintendo is cutting the Switch Joy-Con price in Japan

The cost of single controllers will be reduced by 16.5%

Nintendo is officially cutting the price of Switch Joy-Con controllers in Japan.


From November 6, the price of individual Joy-Con controllers will be reduced by 16.5%, from 4,480 yen ($43/£33) plus tax to 3,740 yen ($36/£27) plus tax.

The price cut applies to all available Joy-Con colour variants on Nintendo’s online store, which include grey, red, blue, yellow, pink, green, and neon red.

There’s currently no indication that Western markets will see a similar price cuts to single Joy-Cons.

UPDATE 23/10/20: Nintendo of America is officially cutting the price of Switch Joy-Con controllers from November 9.


ORIGINAL STORY CONTINUES: A mother and child launched the latest of several lawsuits targeting drifting Switch Joy-Con controllers earlier this month.

The drifting Joy-Con issue—which causes analogue sticks to register movement even when untouched—was brought to wider public attention with the filing of another class-action lawsuit in July 2019.

Shortly after the first class-action suit was filed, Nintendo stopped charging for repair of drifting Joy-Cons and began refunding those who had already paid for a fix, although it did not acknowledge an actual fault with Switch controllers.

Nintendo is facing several lawsuits over drifting Switch Joy-Con controllers

However, Nintendo’s president offered the company’s first public Joy-Con drift apology during an investor Q&A in June 2020. “We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers regarding Joy-Con controllers,” Shuntaro Furukawa said.


“We are continuing to improve our products, but currently Joy-Con is subject to a class-action lawsuit in the United States and is a pending issue so we cannot comment on any specific actions we may take.”