New Beyond Good and Evil 2 art released

Live stream reveals new details of long-in-development sequel

Ubisoft revealed new details about Beyond Good and Evil 2’s gameplay and world during its latest Space Monkey Report livestream on Wednesday.

The livestream also presented a selection of new concept art, including that of the fan-favourite Mammago hybrids. The rhino hybrids will be playable in the game.

The team also announced that a new, unnamed Ubisoft studio will join the five (Ubisoft Barcelona, Bordeaux, Mainz, Montpelier and Sofia) that are currently working on Beyond Good and Evil 2.

In the game, players may choose to control a human or human/animal hybrid during their adventures across System 3, a world completely populated by clones.

Hybrids play a key role in System 3’s ecosystem, Ubisoft said, as they are genetically modified to serve certain purposes, such as mining the precious and unstable mineral Diwalite.

This exercise in eugenics plays directly into the game’s discussion of predetermination versus free will. Players will be free to tell their own story within the world, the game’s developer claimed, offering up multiple paths and outcomes.

Players can rescue and recruit escaped slave hybrids to the Space Pirates’ cause or even start out as a slave themselves, eager to join up with the aid of Primera, an ancient Ai housed at the hidden Pirate Lair.

Ubisoft previously confirmed that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will not be at E3 2019.