Monster Hunter producer ‘proud to inspire similar games’

Developer says titles have been borrowing from the series for years

The executive producer of Monster Hunter: World says it makes him “proud” when other developers take inspiration from the series.

One such title is Dauntless, a co-op action RPG in which players use Monster Hunter-like systems to take down a variety of vicious creatures.

The free-to-play PS4, Xbox One and PC game recently hit the 10 million player mark within a month of leaving open beta and is set to make its way to Switch later this year.

Commenting on comparisons between the two titles, Monster Hunter: World executive director Kaname Fujioka told Polygon: “I’m perfectly happy and proud to feel that if our game has gotten big enough that people are taking inspiration from it and making their own titles.

“I mean, we are creators and we are influenced by all the games we’ve played. It’s definitely not something I feel bad or angry about to see this kind of thing happening. It’s more proof that Monster Hunter: World has gone global, since a game like Dauntless is a global game.”

Monster Hunter: World is Capcom’s best-selling individual game of all time, but even before the series became a global success, Fujioka said it had many imitators.

“In the past when Monster Hunter got big on PSP in Japan for example, Monster Hunter-like games started cropping up on PSP in Japan, but maybe they weren’t as known in the West,” he said.

“We’ve always had people take inspiration from us and use that as the basis for their own creations.”

Capcom will hold two Monster Hunter World: Iceborne beta tests on PS4 this month ahead of the expansion’s release later this year.