Mike Bithell working on John Wick game

Strategy title coming to consoles, and PC and Mac via Epic Games Store

Lionsgate Games has announced a John Wick strategy game by Volume and Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell.

John Wick Hex is in development for consoles, PC and Mac. On the latter two, it will launch exclusively via the Epic Games Store.

Lance Reddick will voice his movie character in the game.

“Hyped to share the team’s work on this over the coming months, they are all superstars, but for today, my thanks go outwards, to the folks at Lionsgate Games for making this happen, and the various filmmakers for joining us in bringing the world they created to this new space,” Mike Bithell wrote on Twitter.

“Because folks ask, and that’s fair enough, platforms are not all being announced today. We’re starting on PC/Mac with the Epic Store and going from there.”

Mike Bithell rose to fame with the success of his critically-acclaimed, self-made game Thomas Was Alone, which released in 2012 and went on to sell more than one million copies.

Danny Wallace, who narrated the game, won a BAFTA Best Performer award for his work on the title.