Microsoft is asking Xbox owners if they would like PS5 DualSense features on Series X/S controllers

Sony’s latest console controller has been widely praised

Microsoft is using a customer experience survey to ask Xbox Series X/S owners if they would like to see any PlayStation controller features made available for its consoles.


In a questionnaire distributed to customers who have purchased Xbox Series X/S consoles, one question appears to be canvassing interest in PS5’s DualSense controller, which launched in November and has been widely praised for features including its adaptive triggers.

“I am aware of features on PlayStation controllers that I wish were on the controller that came with this console,” reads one statement in the survey, which respondents are asked to agree or disagree with.

The survey also asks specifically which controller features Xbox Series X/S owners would like to see, and whether they believe their new console feels “next-gen”, according to TechRadar.

Microsoft is asking Xbox owners if they would like PS5 DualSense features on Series X/S controllers.

Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers “are incredibly difficult to sell in a television commercial or written article such as this but trust us that when you first experience DualSense they’re simply magical”, VGC wrote in its PS5 launch review.

VGC also named DualSense its Innovation of the Year 2020. “That Sony has us imagining what can happen in the hands as much on the screen speaks to a vital tech leap and, arguably, the only truly next-gen experience in 2020,” our critic wrote.

In a Verge interview published in November, Xbox boss Phil Spencer praised Sony for its work on DualSense too.

“I applaud what they did with the controller, not actually for — well, I shouldn’t say not for the specifics of the controller, but more than just the specifics of the controller,” he said.


“I think for all of us in the industry, we should learn from each other and the innovation that we all push on, whether it’s distribution of business model like Game Pass, or controller tech, or the Wii back in the day, which clearly had an impact on us when we went off and did Kinect and Sony did the Move.”

Spencer added: “I think all of that innovation is something that we should all be looking at and learning and growing and saying, ‘Okay, what’s really going to break out and become a common part of a platform that developers and players are going to look for?’

“Or, ‘What is more vertical around a specific scenario on a specific piece of hardware?’ We’re trying to be eyes open on that. For any technology, whether it’s a controller, or any VR, or anything else.”