Mario Maker 2 update will enable online multiplayer with friends

Nintendo seemingly changes tune following fan feedback

Nintendo has revealed plans to enable Super Mario Maker 2 online multiplayer between friends via a “future update”.

Last month, the company confirmed that Mario Maker 2 will feature a host of online and multiplayer options, including the ability for up to four players to compete in player-built courses locally or online.

However, a representative said at the time the game wouldn’t support online play with friends, only random players. An official explanation wasn’t provided, although it was claimed the Nintendo wanted to avoid ‘compromising’ the game’s global leaderboards.

But the firm’s stance on the matter has seemingly changed. Speaking during the Nintendo Treehouse stream at E3 2019, Nintendo producer Takashi Tezuka said support for online multiplayer with friends is now a planned feature, although it sounds like it could be added after the game’s June 28 release date.

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