Man of Medan rewards pre-orders with Curator’s Cut

Until Dawn dev’s next to release August 30

Until Dawn developer, Supermassive will release horror game Man of Medan on August 30 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, it’s announced.

Those who pre-order the game from select retailers will be rewarded with access to the Curator’s Cut, a second version of the main story featuring alternative paths and new scenes.

“The Curator’s Cut is different to the traditional Director’s Cut as it gives the player new ways to directly influence the story and its outcomes,” said exec producer, Pete Samuels. “Players will see and change events and relationships from the perspective of characters that weren’t under control in their first playthrough.”

The Curator’s Cut will be made available for free to all players at a later date.

Published by Bandai Namco, Man of Medan is the first instalment of Supermassive’s Dark Pictures Anthology, a series of stand-alone, cinematic horror games, designed to present “a new terrifying experience” on a regular basis.

Each game is unconnected and will feature a brand new story, setting and new cast of characters, according to Bandai Namco.

“Each game is designed to be replayable, with branching storylines, paths, and numerous endings designed to keep players coming back for more,” it added.

In Man of Medan, four young Americans set sail on a diving trip to find the rumoured location of a WWII wreckage.

Players can take the role of each of the five protagonists, the four Americans and the captain of the boat, each with a different perspective.

Player decisions are said to be vital for survival of all characters, with any combination of choices resulting in any of them surviving or not.