Latest Nintendo theme park images show Mario Kart ride

Universal Japan attractions set to open in time for 2020 Olympics

New images have emerged showing the design of Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World theme park.

Construction on the park began in June 2017 and is planned for completion in time for Tokyo’s 2020 Summer Olympics.

The new images – sourced by UUO Podcast – are said to show a 2016 concept model of the theme park, although they line up with official concept art released more recently.

Super Nintendo World will house Nintendo-themed attractions, shops and restaurants and a “major attraction” based on Mario Kart, which can be seen in the latest images behind a giant facade of Bowser’s Castle.

A second ride appears to be “Yoshi’s Adventure,” shown in the new images as a line of colourful Yoshis that park goers will potentially be able to ride.

As well as the main Mushroom Kingdom area, the images show a separate Donkey Kong area complete with mine cart rollercoaster. It’s not clear if the Donkey Kong area is still planned for construction or if these images show a canned concept.

Following the Japan opening, Super Nintendo World will come to Universal’s Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore parks at a later date.