Kojima Productions likely to announce its next game ‘quite soon’, says art director

Studio has been staffing up for its second game since late 2020

Kojima Productions is likely to announce its next game relatively soon.


That’s according to studio art director Yoji Shinkawa, who was asked if he could share any details about the company’s second game during a video interview with Al Hub.

“Well yeah, I am doing something, for sure, and I could tell you probably that we can announce it quite soon,” said Shinkawa, a long-time Hideo Kojima collaborator who is best known for his character and mecha design work on the Metal Gear franchise.

Kojima Productions confirmed in October 2020 that it was staffing up for a new game project. The Death Stranding developer said at the time that it was seeking “the best-in-class talent” to fill 25 open positions at its Tokyo studio.

Kojima has teased his next project ever since the release of Death Stranding in November 2019. That month, he suggested he was watching horror movies in preparation for a future project, and in April 2020 he said he’d like to make a “revolutionary” horror game one day.


The following month Kojima claimed he’d recently had a “major” in-development project cancelled, but that he was “in the early planning stages” for his next game. More recently he teased his next game on Twitter, with images that suggested it could be Death Stranding 2.

Death Stranding actor Norman Reedus had previously claimed he was “in talks” to work on another project with Kojima and suggested it could be Death Stranding related.

In January 2020, Kojima was quoted as saying he’d like to try his hand at making smaller games such as episodic and digital-only titles, while working on the studio’s next major release.


The designer has also previously expressed a desire to explore a “new format of game” enabled by cloud gaming platforms.

In a separate interview published on Thursday, Kojima said he has “a lot of affection” for the PC platform and thinks Death Stranding managed to satisfy “pretty vocal and opinionated” core PC gamers.