Google announces Stadia event ahead of E3

Company to reveal pricing and launch details during live stream

Google will hold its first Stadia Connect live stream ahead of E3 2019, it’s confirmed.

“Some news can’t wait for E3,” the company said, confirming that the event will be held on Thursday, June 6 at 9AM PDT / 6PM CET on YouTube.

Google will reveal more details on its cloud gaming service including pricing, games, and launch details, it said.

Revealed at the Game Developers Conference in March, Stadia is set to launch in 2019 in the US, Canada and selected European countries, including the UK.

Stadia will be able to stream ‘better-than-console-quality’ games on computers, TVs, tablets and mobiles, according to Google.

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Google has partnered with AMD to create a custom 10.7 teraflops graphics chip — more powerful than Xbox One X (6 teraflops) and PS4 Pro (4.2 teraflops) combined, it says.

“Our vision for Stadia is simple,” said the platform’s vice president and GM, Phil Harrison. ”One place for all the ways we play, where the worlds of watching and playing games converge into a new generation gaming platform, to connect game developers with players and YouTube creators in a way that only Google can.

“On Stadia, you just need to click on a YouTube video or link and you can be playing your game instantly with no download, no update, no patch and no install.”