Free Days Gone DLC coming in June

Will include a new difficulty mode and weekly challenges

Sony’s Bend Studio has announced plans to release free Days Gone DLC beginning in June.

Game director Jeff Ross told the PlayStation Blog the PS4 exclusive’s set to receive a new difficulty mode and a series of weekly challenges, offering players the chance to unlock extra trophies and unique bike skins.

“Survival difficulty mode tests players by daring them to beat the story with increased difficulty settings, no player perks like fast travel or survival vision, and an immersive HUD that removes maps and indicators from the gameplay screen,” he said.

Each of the weekly bike, horde or combat challenges will “take key gameplay features of Days Gone and twist them in unique ways”, with players earning additional items and rewards for completion.

The single-player game is set in an open-word roamed by “freakers” – humans infected with a virus that has destroyed civilisation.

According to Ross, it’ll offer a “30+ hour golden path and many more hours of open world hordes, ambush camps, infestation zones, mysterious NERO checkpoints, and dynamic events in the post-apocalyptic Oregon setting”.

For more on the game ahead of its release on Friday, check out this story trailer and these developer videos exploring the world of Days Gone and the creation of the title.