Epic delays store features ‘to support new game launches’

Updates originally scheduled for April pushed back to May and June

Epic has delayed the introduction of several upcoming Epic Games store features.

Originally scheduled to launch in April, these have now been pushed back to May and June after the studio switched development efforts to “supporting online features required for new game launches”.

The Epic Games store roadmap now lists the following features as targeted for release in May: automatic cloud saves, improved install management backend for the launcher, better DLC support, and additional measures to prevent users purchasing add-ons when they don’t own the core game.

June targets include better search functionality and redesigning game pages to enable improved product presentation for developers.

In July, Epic plans to introduce a playtime tracking feature, reduce the size of third-party game patches, and speed up the process of getting into offline games.

Further down the line, headline features on the roadmap include wishlists, mod support and a user review system. These are currently listed as 4-6 months away from release, although Epic says all features and timings are subject to change.

Company CEO Tim Sweeney said in December that a review system for the Epic Games store would be “based on the existing one in the Unreal Engine marketplace”.

He added: “It will be opt-in by developers. We think this is best because review bombing and other gaming-the-system is a real problem.”