Dragon Quest location game announced for mobile

Location game features “a story that develops as you walk”

Square Enix has announced a location-based Dragon Quest game for iOS and Android.

Dragon Quest Walk will release in 2019 in Japan and features “a story that develops as you walk” and quests that occur at various landmarks around Japan, according to Square Enix.

Players will also be able to build their own rooms and decorate them with furniture and items they obtains in the game.

closed beta test for 10,000 iOS and 10,000 Android users will begin on June 11, according to Gematsu.

“Become the protagonist and walk around the real world, which has become the world of Dragon Quest, to move forward on your adventure in an RPG like no Dragon Quest before it,” Square Enix said of the game.

“Walk the fields and talk to the townspeople while moving forward on your quest. Battle against various monsters, grow, prepare your equipment, and even challenge formidable enemies…”

Meanwhile Niantic’s Pokémon Go continues to grow, with its developer recently claiming that the location-based monster hunting app has been downloaded more than one billion times.