Dontnod’s Twin Mirror delayed, is Epic Games store exclusive on PC

Life is Strange studio announces revised plans for new episodic title

Dontnod Entertainment has delayed the release of Twin Mirror from later this year until 2020, while confirming plans to launch the PC version of the title as an Epic Games store exclusive for 12 months.

The Paris-based studio behind Remember Me and Life is Strange said it has revised its plans for Twin Mirror after acquiring the intellectual property rights to the game, which is still due to be published by Bandai Namco on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“In order to optimize the gaming experience and capitalize on Twin Mirror’s success potential,” Dontnod said it “has decided to extend the development phase and reschedule release for 2020, boosted by the transmedia expertise of a co-producer Shibuya Productions”.

Monaco-based Shibuya is an animation and video games company currently working on Shenmue III, which also produces manga, documentaries and films.

In Twin Mirror, players take on the role of Samuel, who has recently suffered a break-up and returns to his hometown for the funeral of his best friend.

The game overview on Bandai Namco’s site reads: “Understandably depressed and bitter, he feels completely out of sorts and out of place… But when he wakes up in his hotel room with a bloody shirt and no memory of his whereabouts the previous night, he embarks on a twisted investigation to find the truth.”

The video above features a walkthrough of the game’s first puzzle.