Destiny 2 going free-to-play, cross-save confirmed

No more platform exclusive content, game also coming to Steam

Online shooter MMO Destiny is adopting a free-to-play model later this year.

Destiny 2: New Light will launch as a free download on September 17, offering access to all of the game’s foundational modes, activities and rewards.

On the same date, a cross-save feature will be made available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, enabling players to take the Guardians they’ve created on one system and play with them on other formats of choice.

Destiny 2 will also be a Google Stadia launch title when the platform goes live in November.

Additionally, Destiny 2 expansion Shadowkeep, which is showcased in the trailer above, will launch on September 17.

Starting with Shadowkeep, everything added to the game – from expansions to new seasons of content – will be purchasable separately, enabling players to pick and choose the experiences they want.

Bungie will no longer release any platform exclusive or early access Destiny content either, as has been the case on PS4 in the past.

Finally, having split from former publisher Activision in January, the studio said the game’s new PC home will be on Steam later this year.