Destiny 2 ‘coming to Google Stadia’

Bungie also expected to announce cross-saves, claims report

Bungie’s online shooter, Destiny 2, will reportedly make its way onto Google Stadia with cross-save implementation between the new streaming service, PC and Xbox.

According to a Kotaku report, multiple sources claimed that Google is set to announce Destiny 2’s addition to the Stadia platform during its first Stadia Connect presentation on Thursday.

If the claims are true, players will be able to play Bungie’s title from any compatible device through the Google Chrome browser.

Bringing Destiny 2 to Stadia would mark a major step for Google as it enters the videogame market, pairing the new service with a popular title that is set to announce its first substantial post-Activision expansion, Shadowkeep, the same day.

The ability to transfer your in-game progress across platforms is also reportedly set to be announced Thursday. The rumor originally spawned from a picture uncovered by data-miners.

Multiple sources confirmed that Bungie will announce cross-save implementation during its livestream on Thursday, one hour after Google’s Stadia Connect.

Kotaku reports that players will be able to transfer both characters and progress across Google Stadia, PC and Xbox, ditching the cumbersome process of creating new characters on separate platforms. PlayStation 4 compatibility remains unknown as the same sources are reportedly unsure about Sony’s participation.

The Google Stadia event will be held on Thursday, June 6 at 9AM PDT / 6PM CET on YouTube.