Days Gone videos explore world ‘not seen in a lot of games’

Bend Studio’s PS4 exclusive launches this week

Sony has released a pair of videos exploring the world of Days Gone, Bend Studio’s take on the post apocalyptic zombie genre.

The single-player game is set in a post-pandemic open-word roamed by “freakers” — humans infected with a virus that has destroyed civilisation.

Players take on the role of former outlaw biker Deacon St. John, who must scavenge for equipment to craft items and weapons in order to survive encounters with not just the infected, but other human and animal threats too.

“Days Gone is a world that comes for you,” creative director John Garvin says in the video above. “It’s a world that is dangerous everywhere you go. We set Days Gone in that world because we hadn’t seen it a lot in video games.

“The danger comes not from just the freakers,” he adds, “but it comes from marauders who want to snipe you off your bike, it comes from the weather that’ll make it impossible for you to stay on a muddy trail. The world changes after dark, more freakers come out, it’s brutal and it’s harsh.”

In a separate video, Garvin and game director Jeff Ross share further insight into how the title came together ahead of the Days Gone release date of April 26.