Coloured PS5 faceplates are already unofficially on sale

UK firm's console shells are available in multiple colours 'in time for launch'

A new peripheral company has started taking orders for custom PlayStation 5 faceplates.


UK-based PlateStation 5 is selling the unofficial console shells in a variety of colours for $39.99 / £32 and says it hopes to ship them to customers within two weeks of the console’s November launch date.

UPDATE: The company has been forced to rebrand following a complaint from Sony.

ORIGINAL CONTINUES: As revealed in an official PlayStation 5 teardown video this month, the next-gen console’s standard white shell snaps off, theoretically allowing PlateStation’s unofficial replicas to be easily inserted in its place.

PlateStation is currently taking pre-orders for five designs – Cherry Red, Chromatic, Indigo Blue, Jungle Camo and Matte Black – in both Standard and Digital Edition variants.


A UK company is selling unofficial PS5 faceplates.

The company says it’s working with manufacturers in the UK and China to create the faceplates, which are said to be made from “premium industry standard plastic” based on the PS5’s officially released dimensions.

However, it does not appear that the company has actually tested installation of the shells yet, as it notes on its Twitter page that, “prior to shipping we will be completing tests on the PS5 to ensure it fits perfectly.”

The company does note, however, that it will offer a full refund to any customer who is not happy with their purchase.


Sony has yet to announce any variation from PlayStation 5’s standard white design, or even commit to releasing additional console shells in the future.

Sony is yet to commit to releasing official PS5 shells.

New Images showing a black PS5 DualSense controller were recently published by the United States’ Federal Communications Commission. However, this variation is likely intended for a development kit.

The PlayStation 5 release date is November 12 in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. The rest of the world will get the console a week later on November 19.


PS5 is priced at $500/€500/£450 for the standard edition and $400/€400/£360 for the Digital Edition, with the only difference between them being the former’s inclusion of a disc drive.