Celeste DLC to include ‘over 100 levels’

‘Very hard’ add-on levels expected in early 2019

Celeste’s upcoming Chapter 9 DLC will feature over 100 levels, according to the game’s director.

Matt Thorson posted the news on Twitter and said he was hesitant to commit to a release date for the add-on due to its ever-increasing scope.

“We don’t like to talk release dates until we’re 100% sure, because as always we have missed every internal target we set for ourselves as the Chapter grew in scope,” he said.

In December Thorson described the DLC levels as “very hard”.

“We’re working on some farewell Celeste levels, which should be ready in early 2019,” he wrote. “They’re very hard. And we’ll be announcing what’s next for us in the new year as well.”

Celeste was released for consoles and PC in January 2018. The platformer was created by Thorson and co-developer Noel Berry, with art outsourced to Brazilian studio MiniBoss.

It was praised for its tight platforming mechanics as well as its depiction of mental health, with the game’s main character struggling with anxiety as she scales an imposing mountain.

Celeste was nominated for five BAFTA Game Awards including Best Game.