Call of Duty Warzone’s Season 5 is bringing big map changes

Call of Duty Warzone will introduce significant map changes in its Season 5 update scheduled for early August, VGC understands.

The changes include a revamp of the game’s large football stadium to include an open interior, and the addition of a loot-filled train which will continuously circle the game map, people involved with its development said.

The additions are part of an effort to bring Warzone’s Verdansk game map more in line with the next Call of Duty title, which will be set during the Cold War.

Warzone has been a huge success for Activision, amassing more than 60 million players, and according to VGC sources, the publisher sees the free-to-play shooter as an ideal platform to unveil the next premium series instalment.

An official asset for Season 4 appears to tease the open stadium.

For over a month now the battle royale game has been playing out a meta-game, which sources indicate will conclude with the unveiling of the next ‘premium’ game, Black Ops: Cold War.

Warzone began teasing a Cold War theme in May when players were finally able to unlock bunker doors which had been present in the game since launch.

Players later discovered how to use in-game phone messages to unlock a secret 11th bunker, which features scenery evocative of the Black Ops series including a war room, a number countdown, and a nuclear warhead.

It’s likely that the nuclear warhead discovered under Warzone’s map will be used to trigger a map revamp, VGC was told, similar to how Fortnite used an in-game event to transition to Chapter 2. This would coincide with the announcement of Blacks Ops: Cold War.

The new Black Ops will include its own game modes such as campaign, multiplayer and zombies, but it will also incorporate Warzone like Infinity Ward has done with Modern Warfare.

Warzone will continue to run on Modern Warfare’s engine, with development led by long time battle royale collaborator Raven Software, which also created Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode.

VGC understands that Activision will integrate Black Ops content into Warzone, thus combining the franchise’s sub-brands for the first time outside of Call of Duty Mobile.

Significantly, a new operator name ‘Wood’ has been uncovered in Warzone’s game files this week, which closely matches the name of Black Ops’ main protagonist and suggests he could be set to battle alongside Modern Warfare’s heroes.

This week’s Season 4 Reloaded update has progressed the meta-game further, with the addition of a new keypad inside of Bunker 11 which prompts players to enter a code. So far, it appears that nobody has been able to unlock it.

Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 latest major update introduced 200-player support for Battle Royale, the Juggernaut Royale mode, plus a new multiplayer map called Cheshire Park, among other features.

It also added semi auto rifles, snipers and fists-only to the Gulag, and made some adjustments to popular weapons.