Bulletstorm studio unveils its next sci-fi co-op shooter Outriders

Square Enix title due out summer 2020

Bulletstorm studio People Can Fly took to Square Enix’s stage Monday, announcing that the previously teased Outriders is its new game.

Outriders’ official website describes the game as a “1-3 player, drop-in drop-out co-op shooter set in an original, dark and desperate sci-fi universe.”

Players will be able to create their own characters to do battle among the game’s futuristic wasteland.

The team promised to reveal more information this winter, but the game is currently scheduled to be released summer 2020.

“Outriders is the game that we have been wanting to make for years,” said Sebastian Wojciechowski, studio head of People Can Fly.

“We’re very happy to be working with Square Enix on this project, it’s a big undertaking for us and the team has grown considerably to work on theOutriders project.

“We now have over 200 developers at four international studios working on this project to make it our most ambitious shooter to date. We’re very excited to finally unveil Outriders to the world, and we can’t wait to show you more of the game.”