Borderlands 3 accessibility features include a ping system

Asynchronous multiplayer additions also revealed

Gearbox has detailed several Borderlands 3 accessibility and online features, including a ping system akin to the one popularised by Apex Legends.

The ping system, which can be viewed in the trailer above, enables players to communicate the location of enemies, loot and other points of interest without using a microphone.

It was announced during a Guardian Con panel alongside plans to include fully remappable controls, aim assist and toggles for headbob, auto-mantling, running and crouching, plus Xbox Adaptive Controller compatibility.

An accompanying blog post also confirmed Borderlands 3 will offer “extensive support” for subtitles and closed captioning, plus new audio and visual cues designed to communicate loot rarity to colour blind players.

Asynchronous multiplayer additions include the ability to send items to friends using a mail system, and being able to check their inventories, skill trees and challenge progress via your in-game friends list.

“Furthermore,” the blog says, “you’ll know when your friends have encountered rare enemies because when you visit the bounty board aboard Sanctuary III you’ll be offered missions to defeat those same rare enemies in which they are guaranteed to spawn.”

Gearbox has confirmed a Borderlands 3 release date of September 13, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

On PC, the game will be available exclusively through the Epic Games store until April 2020.