Battlefield V adding premium Battlefield Currency

DICE says you can’t pay to get an unfair gameplay advantage

Battlefield V will introduce premium Battlefield Currency from Thursday April 4, DICE has confirmed.

Available to purchase using real money, the new in-game currency will exist alongside Company Coin (which is earned through gameplay) in the game’s economy.

It can be used to acquire cosmetic customisation items, elite sets (new characters playable in the game’s multiplayer modes), and time savers in the form of tier catch-ups and XP boosts.

Tier catch-ups unlock chapter reward items, while XP boosts increase the speed at which players earn experience points, enabling them to level up chapter, career, weapon, vehicle and class ranks more quickly.

While new cosmetic items will be available from April 4, elite sets and time savers will launch at a later date.

DICE says Battlefield Currency won’t enable players to pay to win. “Battlefield V is made to reward how often you play and how well you play. You will never be able to use Battlefield Currency or spend real-world money to get anything that gives you an unfair gameplay advantage.

“The balanced rock-paper-scissors gameplay that has always been the foundation of the Battlefield series isn’t going anywhere. Player skill will continue to be paramount with the addition of Battlefield Currency, which gives players more ways to acquire items to customize their characters and arsenal in Battlefield V.

“Looking ahead,” it adds, “we will continue to release new cosmetic items that can be obtained through direct progression, Company Coins, and/or Battlefield Currency. We want to give every player a chance to access new cosmetic items, whether they choose to spend real-world money or earn content through gameplay.”

EA has also released the patch notes for the latest Battlefield V update, which includes numerous updates to its recently released battle royale mode, Firestorm, as well as various bug fixes.