Battalion 1944 celebrates 250,000 sales milestone

Bulkhead giving out free war chests

Battalion 1944 has cleared 250,000 sales, according to Derby, UK-based development studio Bulkhead Interactive.

The World War II first person shooter, which is inspired by classics like Call of Duty 2 and Medal of Honor, was made available on Steam Early Access on February 1, 2018 before being officially released on May 23, 2019.

Bulkhead raised £317,000 for the multiplayer-only Unreal Engine 4 title through Kickstarter and also plans to release it on Xbox One and PS4.

Announcing the sales milestone in a Steam update, the studio also said the game racked up one million hours watched on Twitch in the first week following last month’s release.

“We want to celebrate by giving everyone that logs in this week (ends Monday June 10 at 1pm BST) FIVE Aces High War Chests as a thank you to the players,” Bulkhead CEO Joe Brammer said.

“We’re all really proud that the game at release was only possible because the community helped to shape it, and that players are enjoying the final results!”

The game, which is published by Square Enix Collective, is currently subject to a 20% “launch discount”, enabling players to pick it up for £12.79 until Thursday June 6 at 5pm BST, after which it will be priced at £15.99.